Culture Works will work with you to custom design the appropriate intercultural program for your organisation: 

  • Culture Works custom designs face-to-face trainings in all areas of interculturalism, including communication, conflict management, gender equity, pre-departure and re-entry.  Introductory, intermediate and advanced sessions as well as culture general and culture specific trainings are available. 
  • Gender equity and awareness training
  • Incoming Orientation (Follow the link to read what students are saying about Culture Works' incoming orientation)
  • Pre-departure training (Follow the link to read what students are saying about Culture Works' predeparture orientation)
  • Re-Entry training
    • Culture Works provides both subject matter expertise and instructional design for online learning in intercultural communication. Take a look at our eActivity page for a taste of the content and do a self-assessment on your own communication style.
    Keynote Speaker
    • Culture Works' award-winning speaker, Barb West, designs and delivers highly entertaining and informative conference presentations, key note and in-house addresses on culture, gender, communication, change and a variety of other subjects.

    • Culture Works will assess your organisation's intercultural sensitivity and, using current strengths and skills, design a program for change in the long and short terms.

    Research and Writing
    • Culture Works is the place to turn when your organisation needs empirical research and clear & concise reporting.  Draw on the experience of writing four books, more than a dozen articles and a wide variety of reports and other materials on culture, gender, communication, and change.

    Culture Works will design a program that suits your specific needs.

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    Culture Works:
    Theory into practice consulting for all intercultural situations.

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