Communication Styles Self-Assessment

Below is a taster of one of the styles of eLearning activity that Culture Works can custom design for your organisation.

Thinking about your own management style, read each of the statements below & rate your response from 1-5: 1 indicates that you use this style almost always and 5 indicates that you never use this style.  The numbers in between indicate greater and lesser usage of the style.  There is no right or wrong answer, only your own preference in this context.

                                                             Almost always            Never
 1 2 3 4 5
 I appreciate it when my direct reports can be frank with me about any feedback I have provided.
 I give plenty of verbal and written praise for good work.
 I attend precisely to where my direct reports go wrong if they make mistakes.      
 Direct reports need to be told right up front if their work is not up to scratch.     
 I am an open book with my people and tell them exactly what Iím thinking.     

                                                                            Total Score: ______________

When you have completed your work and added up your score, go to our eResults page to see what your results may mean in terms of cultural adaptation.



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